©Amy Shutt Photography

Harriett - Harris Hawk

The Harris Hawk lives in semi-arid areas of Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, with its range extending into Mexico, Central and South America. It prefers scrub containing mesquite, cacti and yucca. Like all raptors, it is a carnivore. Harris Hawks prey on rabbits, small mammals, quail, other birds, reptiles and insects. Carrion is eaten, if available. At adulthood, sexes look alike. Legs and feet are orangish-yellow, with the tarsi feathered halfway. Talons are long and powerful. The tail is black with a white base and a white band near the end. Shoulders and thighs are chestnut and the rest of the bird is dark. Juveniles are lighter in color with a white underwing and some chestnut coloring throughout. The breast and thighs are streaked with a brownish color. Shoulders are rusty. The tail is sometimes narrowly barred, and is white-tipped, with a white patch at its base. The face and throat are white streaked. Their most common calls are an extended, harsh call or a low, growling sound.

Source: Oregon Zoo