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Why We Do What We Do

Wings of Hope Wildlife Sanctuary gives wildlife in need a second chance to "grow up, heal, and return to their natural environment". Most of our wildlife is in direct need as a direct result of human expansion into quickly vanishing "wild places". The northshore and Florida Parish region is quickly expanding. Livingston and St.Tammany parish, the state's fastest growing parishes, are in our intake area. Development and construction is on-going with an estimated 200,000 residents in St.Tammany alone.

Did You Know...

…that Wings of Hope Wildlife Sanctuary, located in Livingston, Louisiana, is the only professionally-trained bat rehabilitation center in the state of Louisiana?

Bats are among the most beautiful and gentle animals on earth. They are vital to the ecosystem and enhance our lives in many ways. Insect eating bats eat millions of bugs nightly, and fruit bats bring us approximately 450 commercial products. Yet for all they do, bats are continually killed due to superstition and fear. The life expectancy of a single bat exceeds 20 years, but slow birth rates limit their population growth. When just 5 bats are needlessly killed, a potential 100 years of animal life is destroyed. If you find an injured or orphaned bat or have a nuisance bat problem please contact us immediately. If you are unable to get in touch with us or awaiting our call-back, please visit Bat World Sanctuary to find out more information on how to rescue bats and what to do with nuisance bats.