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Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope, located in Livingston, LA, is one of two wildlife care facilities in the metropolitan Baton Rouge area. Wildlife from all of southeast Louisiana receive dedicated round-the-clock care in our rehabilitation center. We have served wildlife from Kentwood to Grand Isle, Lafayette to Slidell and everywhere in between. Wings of Hope also accepts "doctored-up" animals from the Wildlife Hospital at Louisiana State University on a regular basis. These animals are deemed releasable and conditioned by our facility to return to the wild.

Wings of Hope is a wildlife rehabilitation center first and foremost; however, Wings of Hope has several permanent residents, which because of their permanent physical conditions can no longer survive in the wild. These animals have calm dispositions which allow them to take part in our educational programs. Respect for all wildlife is encouraged with particular emphasis placed on the potential dangers of handling wild animals.

The beauty of wildlife should be viewed from afar, respected and allowed to survive in their native habitat. Some wild bird and mammal species that arrive at Wings of Hope are due to their contact with humans or human situations. Individuals are encourage not to disturb or interrupt wildlife; however, sometimes it is necessary to assist orphaned or rehabilitate injured wild animals in order to return them to their native habitat. We encourage individuals to resist the temptation of trying to make a pet of a wild animal. Allow our trained staff and volunteers to provide the necessary professional care to the wildlife in preparation for its future release to the wild.

Contact Wings of Hope if you discover an injured wild bird or mammal, have concerns regarding a possible orphaned wild bird or mammal, or have any questions.